This non-transferable warranty grants the original registered retail owner a One (1) Year repair or replacement warranty against defects in material or workmanship according to the stated conditions and limitations herein. This limited warranty covers only those FireEye bicycle frames purchased directly from FireEye or from authorized FireEye dealers and/or distributors and will either repair or replace due to defects in material or workmanship at the discretion of FireEye. FireEye does not guarantee or warrant that it will continue to manufacture or sell the same type of frame that you purchased (exclusions apply, see below). This warranty is not meant to suggest or imply that the bicycle frame will never need maintenance or replacement parts, or cannot be broken. Have your bicycle check before every use for best results, and also wear protective clothing during operation.

• Warranty excludes shocks or items not manufactured by FireEye as these items fall under the warranty of the component's original manufacturer. 
• Dents, dings, or scratches caused by impact or contact during use are not covered under warranty. 
• All wearing items including but not limited to bearings, bushings, derailleur hanger,ISCG bracket, and normal wear items are not warranted. 
• Modifications, alterations, repairs or any changes (including paint) will void any warranty claim. 
• FireEye shall in no event be responsible for consequential losses or special damage outside of repair or replacement of the frame at our discretion. 
• Non-conforming headtube or non-conforming bottom bracket shell after bicycle has been ridden is not covered. 
• Labor and transportation charges to and from FireEye are not included in this warranty. FireEye will not be liable for loss of bicycle use due to chronological requirements  to honor this warranty. 
• If a product has been discontinued, FireEye will offer, starting from the discontinuation date, an 18-month warranty validity period where a frame's One (1) year warranty period will remain valid. Any frame purchased after 6-months from the discontinuation date will only be warranted for the duration of the 18-month warranty validity period. 
• Crashing into things is not covered by this warranty. We cannot be responsible for your riding errors or indiscretions.
Proof of Purchase: Proof of purchase is required from an Authorized FireEye Dealer in the form of a photocopy of original sales receipt.Important Warranty Information: The user assumes the risk of any personal injuries, damages to or failure of the bicycle and any other losses incurred if the bicycle is used for racing, bicycle motocross, jumping, stunts or similar events. This warranty does not cover personal injuries, damages due to accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, crashes, improper assembly, poor maintenance or improper frame fit. FireEye's limited warranty is subject to change without prior notice.