Romania : Morohai Ilie

 A.K.A.: Tornado        

Born in: July 1991 

Country: Romania

Start riding since: 16 years old

Best results:
1st place Cultural Ghetto Shred MTB 
1st place Bucovina Extream Battle
2nd place Expo Bike Bucharest
1st place Radauti Crossul Tineretului 

3rd place Let`s do it extream 

Favorite riding spots:
anywhere on the street where you can find big sets of stairs and you can put some creative lines in move

Current favorite trick:

Barspin for the win!

Your ride: 

FireEye Shortfuse 380, best frame I've ever ridden, good geo and super strong, love it!

Favorite MTB movie: 

Life Cycles

What's your worst biking injury?

I broke my collarbone about 2 years ago on a big 360 drop, kept me off my bike for one month.

Spandex, yeh or neh?

Not for me :)) 

What's your worst job ever?

Teaching my sister how to drive cars properly was definitely the worst and hardest job i ever got :))

What's your favorite snack food?

Peanuts :D

Decaf or Regular?


Which is a better invention, the fork or the spoon?

Fork, a lot better invention than the spoon!

If you could speak to any animal, what would it be? 
Umm i donno, i would want many animals to talk too but i would want to talk to wolfs. Wolfs are awesome.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?  

Teleporting would be awesome... you just think of some place and BAM you're there.

Favorite music? 
Dubstep, Rap, Chillout Music

Favorite bands? 

Chase and Status, N1NT3ND0, Liviu Vasilica, MC Hammer

Personal website: