Portugal : Francisco João Vale Quinaz

 A.K.A.: Kiko   

Born in: 1995

Country: Portugal

Start riding since: 
5 years old cycling with my dad around everywhere he went with his friends

Best results:
1º place in Campeonato Regional de Dirt Guarda 
                  Primeira etapa 
5º National Championship 2012
And others in Downhill

Favorite riding spots: 
Arripiado- Portugal
Polis Guarda- Portugal


Current favorite trick: 
Barspin, Backflip, and tailwhip. And some combos but just to foam.

Your ride: 

My gorgeous yellow Shortfuse 380. Just perfect.

Favorite MTB movie: 

Not a movie but "Lines Of Lofoten" is sick!

What's your worst biking injury? 
I smashed my left shoulder when i was competing in Downhill.

Spandex, yeh or neh? 
In girls, YEH! 

What's your worst job ever? 
Study for exams

What's your favorite snack food?
Cereal bars :D

Decaf or Regular? 
Regular, just love :)

Which is a better invention, the fork or the spoon? 

If you could speak to any animal, what would it be? 
I'd like to fly or swim with them, feel the freedom.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 
Fly, and maybe a little bit of strength Eheh. 

Favorite music?  

Korn- Got the Life

Favorite bands? 
It's more DJ's, some chill out and drum'n'bass.

Personal website: